Charlottetown Establish Concert Venue, Seeks Big-Name To Fill It

Charlottetown Establish Concert Venue, Seeks Big-Name To Fill It
If Kitchener and Sudbury can woo Elton John, Moncton can land the Eagles, and Halifax can lure Paul McCartney, who’s going to give Charlottetown some big-name musical love? Council members of our country’s smallest province have set the bait: 12 hectares of land at Upton Farm in the north of the city has been approved as a concert venue able to accommodate at least 30,000 people.

Though no names have been confirmed yet, and time is growing slim to get an artist nailed down, city Mayor Clifford Lee seems confident Charlottetown will get its share of summer concert fun.

"I feel fairly confident we’ll have a concert this summer. Who it’s going to be, I don’t know. Quite honestly, to find an acceptable location was the biggest challenge,” Lee told the CBC.

"We’ve been having off and on discussions with different promoters thinking we would have a site, those discussions could have only gone so far until a site was confirmed.”

In previous years, Charlottetown Driving Park has hosted major concerts for the city with the Black Eyed Peas in 2006 and Aerosmith in 2007, but nearby residents complained about the volume of the events.

Hmm, now which big-name act has been known to seek outdoors, out-of-the-way, pastoral concert settings? It’d probably really stick in Detroit’s craw if the home of Anne of Green Gables nabbed a Radiohead performance before the Motor City gets its ten-year reunion.