Charlotte Gainsbourg Unveils 'Terrible Angels' EP, New Video

Charlotte Gainsbourg Unveils 'Terrible Angels' EP, New Video
Just before french pop chanteuse Charlotte Gainsbourg released her split seven-inch with Irish outfit Villagers for Record Store Day last April, it was hinted that the artist would be unleashing a heap of material later this the year in the form of an odds 'n' sods collection called Live an Unreleased. News has now come, however, that a new EP of material will surface beforehand.

Gainsbourg will be dropping a four-song set called Terrible Angels on September 6 via Because Music/Elektra. The title track is a leftover from her IRM period and is produced by Beck. "Memoir," the song from the Villagers split that was written by that band's leader Conor O'Brien, is also featured, as well as a live version of "Terrible Angels" and a live cover of Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman."

The EP also contains videos for the Dylan cover and "Terrible Angels," the latter of which you can see below.

The mini-set teases Gainsbourg's upcoming rarities collection, which has now been rebranded Stage Whisper. A tracklist has yet to be revealed for the double LP, but it reportedly features 11 live tracks and seven studio songs.

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