Charli XCX Producer J£zus Million Unveils 'Error' EP

Charli XCX Producer J£zus Million Unveils 'Error' EP
Though Charli XCX collaborator J£zus Million has apparently been hanging onto his Error EP for some time now, the Boston-based producer has finally fit the offering with a proper release date. His next effort lands December 8 through UK imprint the Full Hundred.

Million (a.k.a. Joseph Zucco) has been hinting at a new release over Facebook since the beginning of the year, noting back in April that it had been "done for a bit." Of the set, Zucco explained in a new statement that the record is "partly a soundscape and partly something you could possibly play in a club," and it was apparently crafted during a period of self-imposed exile.

"It was written and produced at a time in my life where I felt extremely stuck in my ways," he said. "I locked myself in my mother's basement and slept there for days at a time, hammering away at what would become the Error."

The follow-up to last year's Cold Shoulder features three new tunes, with accompanying remixes from the likes of Magical Mistakes, Patrick Brian and Taquwami. You'll find the full details, as well as a stream of the intensely wavy, industrial jug band pump of opener "Taught to Run," down below.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.


1. Taught To Run

2. If You Forget

3. Exile

4. Taught To Run (Magical Mistakes Remix)

5. If You Forget (Patrick Brian Remix)

6. Exile (Taquwami Remix)