Charles Webster / Various Defected Presents Charles Webster

The songs appearing on this three-disc compilation exist from decades past, re-introducing some awesome musical memories for listeners. For example, highlights on disc one ("Club”) include 2002’s "Do You Remember House?” by Blaze featuring Palmer Brown, and from 1996 "I Can’t Kick This Feeling When It Hits” by Moodymann. That great track appeared on an older ’90s tape mixed by J-Dub. The first CD is worth the price of this album alone, bringing us back softly to the romantic notes of house music. This Charles Webster DJ mix is honest and in mint condition. Coming at us from disc two ("Lounge”), from 1970 ("Planet Caravan” by Black Sabbath), from 1979 ("Frederick” by Patti Smith Group), from 1980 ("Army Dreamers” by Kate Bush) and from 1983 ("Deep Blue Day” by Brian Eno). Webster covers unexpected areas, digging up lesser-known but rousing tracks by known artists. Disc three ("Studio”) encompasses Charles Webster’s recent remixes and production efforts. This is an evocative LP worth remembering. (Defected)