Charles Webster Remixed on the 24th of July

It’s subdued. It’s gentle. It’s deep house with a little glitch glitter on the side! Last year Love From San Francisco’s label owner and multi-monikered producer Charles Webster released his first LP after more than a decade of collaborations and singles, and now he’s releasing the remixes. Thankfully many of the lacklustre lyrics on the former have gone the way of the dodo or been edited to keep it concise. Still, the remix album requires close listening and imagination to keep it from seeming bland — the understated style is a bit of a millstone. Opening with the go-nowhere Dub & Space Mix by the Detroit Escalator Co. of "Put Your Hurt Aside” was a smart move. If placed elsewhere in the compilation, it would only highlight its lack of progression, but as it is it serves as the welcome mat for you to wipe your feet on as the collection glides towards the more lively deep house remix of "I’m Falling” by Pepe Bradock. It is only towards the end that the tracks become distinguishable. Unsurprisingly, Herbert’s steady dub of "Ready” stands out with an understated bounce and sweet melody assuring the listener over and over "I can take it, I’m here.” The insistent staccato knock of Theo Parish’s remix of "Sweet Butterfly” is an excellent closer as the only fashionably awkward track. It’s an album that’s good for cleaning your kitchen to during snowy afternoons. (Peacefrog)