Charles Lloyd Quartet Rabo de Nube

Recorded live in Basel, Switzerland, Lloyd’s quartet are so clearly inspired that the spontaneous howls of delight from his band mates make the waves of energy and good feelings truly contagious. "Prometheus” is appropriately named. As the first tune out of the gate, it burns with the creative fire humans always hope to pilfer from the divine ones — not Zeus this time but the muses. Wonderful to behold, the quartet ignites, first with Lloyd’s blistering tenor then with pianist Jason Moran’s idea-rich response and drummer Eric Harland’s bristling stick work. "Migration of the Spirit” is drenched in the history of Coltrane, similar in tone and vibe to ’Trane’s "Wise One” or "Crescent” but speaking with Lloyd’s unmistakable voice. Switching to alto flute, the leader weaves a rich-toned melody that’s wrapped in the piano’s loving lyrical embrace. With ECM’s impeccable production, listening to Rabo de Nube could hardly be better. (ECM)