Charles Barabé

Les Dernières Confessions

Charles BarabéLes Dernières Confessions
Charles Barabé inhabits the city of Victoriaville, Quebec, curating the super-charged La Cohu tape label — home to some of the more bizarre yet beautiful experimental sounds emanating from the province — and pumping out a very unique brand of exciting sonic material. His Insultes cassette from 2014, which featured a computerized voice reading negative John Cage reviews over a backdrop of synthesizer drone, is just one example of the artist's outré yet engaging tendencies. Yet Barabé does indeed have a softer side. 
Les Dernières Confessions is reportedly the final entry in the Confessions series, and is a collection of energetic and highly listenable synthesizer compositions. Each of the seven pieces on offer is a bombastic, highly charged particle of sound, with intricately overlaid melodic and rhythmic elements. At times uncanny and futuristic ("Confession XII," "Confession XVII") and at others nearly orchestral ("Confession XIV," "Confession XVI"), the music is unflagging in the way it seems to effortlessly unfurl. 
Ultimately these highly textured tracks encapsulate the musical side of Barabé's personality while straying far beyond any traditional synthesizer tropes, and should appeal to a wide swath of adventurous listeners. (Orange Milk)
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