Charity Auction Winner Will Have to Fork Over at Least $1,000 to Buy Billy Corgan Lunch

Charity Auction Winner Will Have to Fork Over at Least $1,000 to Buy Billy Corgan Lunch
Perennial alt-rockers Smashing Pumpkins have now confirmed on their website that is auctioning off a chance to buy band leader Billy Corgan lunch in either Los Angeles or Chicago. Soon after the charity auction site posted the chance to dine with the Big Pumpkinhead, many fans questioned the validity of the posting, prompting Corgan himself to confirm the fundraiser.

Currently, the highest bid for the auction, which ends at 10:17 a.m. on June 30, is at $950, with the next bid topping the $1,000 mark. Imagine, paying over a grand to take Corgan out to lunch?!

Okay, we know it's for charity and all, but in this case the money is going towards the National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters Hall of Fame, not, like, sick kids or something. Other auction items to raise money for the charity, which hopes to build a music museum in New York City, include a schmooze with Cher (now that's worth a grand!), a Pete Wentz bass guitar and an autographed Elvis Costello poster.

Curiously, the lunch with Corgan is valued at $500, which has to be the biggest case of pulling a price out of your ass ever. You have to buy the lunch, but having Corgan there with you is estimated at a $500 value? Where did that number even come from? But, if you've got at least a grand to burn and you're hankering to buy Billy Corgan lunch, well, this might just be your once in a lifetime opportunity.

No word yet on whether the Pumpkins' new 19-year-old drummer will come along for some grub.