Chamillionaire Ultimate Victory

Chamillionaire has definitely been a recent music industry shocker: he won a Grammy, made a public announcement that he’d reduce swear words in his music and has created a worthy sophomore album. Ultimate Victory is surprisingly smart, with an array of features and content. "Hip-Hop Police” and "Evening News” attack those who blame hip-hop for social destruction, "Rock Star” is the shinning club track, while "Pimp Mode” is unexpectedly haunting about relationships. Although a common theme to the album is bitterness — at money, at girls, at the industry — it’s not redundant. The downfall to Ultimate Victory is that the top-notch guest spot verses from Lil Wayne, Devin The Dude and Slick Rick outshine Chamillionaire. Ultimate Victory is by no means a classic but Chamillionaire pulls off being mediocre in a refreshing way. (Universal Motown)