Chad VanGaalen Talks His Soft Airplane Follow-Up

Chad VanGaalen Talks His <i>Soft Airplane</i> Follow-Up
So far in 2009, much-loved Calgarian Chad VanGaalen has released some of his most eclectic material yet. First there was Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz, his avant-garde instrumental album released under the moniker Black Mold. Then, just last month, he released a free EP of Soft Airplane outtakes, which included bizarre experimental forays like the glitchy "Stuffed Animal" and the ramshackle "Are You Sleeping?"

According to a new interview with the Georgia Straight, however, it sounds like the singer-songwriter's next album is going to be a little more straight-forward.

"The music that I'm listening to is kind of old, '60s psychedelic music, all the time," VanGaalen told the Vancouver newspaper.

This new obsession has already inspired him to begin work on the follow up to Soft Airplane, he revealed, adding, "I'm going in two directions at once: I'm trying to record a psychedelic folk record and a psychedelic rock record. I don't know if the two are going to mesh together or if they'll stay separate, but I'm pretty excited about them."

VanGaalen went on to say that he aspires to create a feature-length animated film, but that it will be difficult to accomplish without a team to helpers. Perhaps this interview is his way of calling for volunteers?