Chad VanGaalen Says to Expect 11 New Albums in the Very Near Future

Chad VanGaalen Says to Expect 11 New Albums in the Very Near Future
Last year, Chad VanGaalen told Exclaim! that he had three new solo albums in the pipeline, plus two more with his experimental project Black Mold. To date, however, we've only heard this year's LP Diaper Island. Well, it turns out that the busy songwriter has now recorded even more new music that he hopes to release.

VanGaalen told Vancouver's Georgia Straight, "As we speak, I'm working on 11 records that I'm going to release very soon. They should be up on the Sub Pop and the Flemish Eye websites, hopefully, within the next week. So maybe people will finally stop bugging me."

These new albums -- if and when they are ever released -- apparently won't be available on CD or vinyl. In addition to offering digital downloads, VanGaalen is considering to release them on tape.

He revealed, "I've recently acquired a really good tape duplicator, so I'm kind of back to the way I was doing it when I was 16 or 17, which works a lot easier for me."

Naturally, not all of these records are singer-songwriter fare along the lines of his rock-centric Diaper Island. Instead, some of them are made up of drones and field recordings.

This is hardly the first time that the Calgary songsmith has promised a heap of new material, but it's always exciting to know that he has much, much more unheard music waiting for the inevitable archives-clearing box set in the future.

Meanwhile, VanGaalen is still busy promoting Diaper Island. He toured Europe in the summer, and this month he's hitting the road in Canada. Check out the schedule here.

UPDATE: Flemish Eye has confirmed that VanGaalen will indeed be selling a pile of new albums on cassette during his upcoming Canadian tour dates. As the songwriter explained, they will also be available to purchase on the Flemish Eye website very soon. Downloads will also be made available.