Chad VanGaalen Says Four Albums Have Been Rejected Since Soft Airplane

Chad VanGaalen Says Four Albums Have Been Rejected Since <i>Soft Airplane</i>
As fans of Calgary ramshackle troubadour Chad VanGaalen, we get excited when he starts talking new material. Back in May 2010, the experimental singer-songwriter told us that he had a total of five albums on the go: three under his own name and two as Black Mold. If you're wondering why that material hasn't surfaced by now, VanGaalen has revealed that he's had at least four albums rejected by his record labels.

 Speaking with Spinner, VanGaalen said, "There's been like four records in between Soft Airplane and now that have kind of been rejected by either me, or Flemish Eye or Sub Pop. It was just them kind of coming back and saying, 'Really? You want to put out a super shitty four-track record?' And me being, 'Ah, maybe not.'"

Before you think there's any animosity between VanG and his label compatriots, however, he quickly explained, "It was never that anyone was saying flat-out no... It was like, 'We will do it, but really? We think you can probably do something that's more interesting."

 With the four rejected albums in mind, VanGaalen went on to explain that two albums are on their way, a solo record and an instrumental record, though he's unsure if the latter will fit the Black Mold, er, mold. Either way, we will have more concrete details on these albums as they become clear. That is, assuming they have been approved by the record labels.