Chad VanGaalen Dishes All the Details On His Black Mold

Chad VanGaalen Dishes All the Details On His Black Mold
As we reported last fall, Calgarian indie hero Chad VanGaalen has been hard at work on his electronic-tinged alter-ego Black Mold for a while now. In an interview with Exclaim! in August 2008, he opened up about the Black Mold process shortly after completing his Soft Airplane album, saying, "I just recently finished recording this Black Mold record that is just my electronic stuff. On both of the last [VanGaalen] records, I guess there has been instrumental dance music almost, but now I have an outlet for that with the Black Mold stuff, so maybe there was a conscious decision to keep the instrumental off [Soft Airplane] and just have, like, songs." Fast-forward to now and finally VanGaalen has announced all the release details for Black Mold's debut long-player.

The record has been given the bizarre title Snow Blindness is Crazy Antz, but what else would you call an album with songs titled like "Uke Puke," "Smoking Rat Shit" and "Pristine Boobles"? Either way, Snow Blindness will be available on CD and double LP on August 11 via the Calgary-based Flemish Eye. According to the label, the release "is the product of an artist bent on creating his own unique auditory soundscape, strewn with musique concrete pastiches, creative use of circuit bending and manipulation, and an intuitive and intelligent understanding of rhythmic minimalism. Sometimes reworking the tradition of modular synthesizer pioneers such as Wendy Carlos, Tomita and Jarre, at others cutting a swath through the sampled territory of Secret Mommy or Matmos." Sounds pretty damn good, no?

Oh, and just so you don't think VanGaalen is a slacker, the album will also come with a free digital download of an entire other Black Mold record. Thrown in with physical versions of the album will be an bonus 100-plus-minute collection of "glitchy odds and ends, unfinished ideas, analogue improvisation and experimental manipulation." So don't ever say VanGaalen isn't good to you.

Snow Blindness is Crazy Antz tracklisting:

1. "Metal Spider Webs"
2. "Dr. Snouth"
3. "Uke Puke"
4. "Toxic Lake"
5. "Tetra Pack Heads"
6. "Rotten Walls"
7. "Memes"
8. "Fuck Ebay"
9. "Wet Ferns"
10. "Smoking Rat Shit"
11. "Barn Swallow Vs SK-1"
12. "Gummed Desk"
13. "Virtual Prison"
14. "No Dream Nation"
15. "Pristine Boobles"
16. "Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz"
17. "Left behind by the digital ships"
18. "Swimming to Food"
19. "Finally Someone Invented A Teleporter!"