Chad VanGaalen "Peace on the Rise" (video)

Chad VanGaalen "Peace on the Rise" (video)
Not only has Chad VanGaalen dropped his brand new record Diaper Island today (May 17), but the Calgary songwriter has also shared a new video for the album track "Peace on the Rise."

It's being said that this release is a little less "weird" and little more "rock" than some of his other work, but this beautifully animated clip done by VanGaalen himself is out there, to say the least. It's full of bright colours and scenes that probably won't make much sense to the sober viewer, but who's saying that's a bad thing?

Check it out below.

Diaper Island is out now in Canada on Flemish Eye and in the U.S. via Sub Pop 

UPDATE: Apparently, VanGaalen drew a series of items and hid them in the video. Fans who can find all of them can enter for the chance to win some "special stuff." Watch the video and enter the contest at