Chad Kroeger Sued Over Cancelled Nickelback Tours

Chad Kroeger Sued Over Cancelled Nickelback Tours
While news of cancelled Nickelback concerts may bring a smile (and a restored shred of faith in humanity) to most people's faces, frontman Chad Kroeger probably isn't so happy about the latest development in this year's nixed North American and European tours. As Billboard reports, Kroeger is being sued for failing to disclose a medical condition that led to the cancellation of more than 60 shows this past summer.
The decision to call off the concerts was made after Kroeger had to have a cyst removed from his vocal cords, requiring an extensive period of rest and recovery. According to TMZ, he filed a $13 million claim to his insurance company to compensate and cover losses for the cancelled shows. (That's asking for 260 million nickels back for anyone keeping tabs.)
Now, insurance company Lloyd's of London is suing Kroeger to cancel the policy, claiming that the singer knew about a pre-existing throat condition but failed to disclose it.
The last time Nickelback found themselves in legal hot water, they were wanted by Australian police for committing "crimes against music."
Below, watch a fan-made video sending Kroeger "get well soon" messages. Here's hoping he takes all the time he needs — no, really, all of it — before returning to the stage or studio.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this. It has definitely lifted my spirits. CK

Posted by Nickelback on Thursday, 30 July 2015