CFCF Celebrates the Inanimate on 'Music for Objects'

CFCF Celebrates the Inanimate on 'Music for Objects'
Last year, CFCF's Exercises landed near the top of Exclaim!'s list of the best EPs of 2012, and now the Montreal electronic composer also known as Michael Silver has announced the companion piece to that release. Music for Objects is out on July 9 through Paper Bag/Dummy.

As the title implies, the collection's eight songs are inspired by inanimate objects, and song titles highlight mundane items like "Bowl," "Keys" and "Lamp."

Silver explained in a press release, "The theme Music for Objects came to me kind of suddenly as I was watching this documentary by Wim Wenders about the fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto called Notebook on Cities and Clothes. In particular there was a piece of music by the film's composer, Laurent Petitgand, that struck me with how bizarre it was and that it was essentially a song that was trying to convey something inexpressible about his clothing. It inspired me to look at the everyday objects on my desk and all about my apartment and outside on the street and see that there was something kind of inexpressible about them that I wanted to convey through music."

According a press release, "The EP acts as a companion piece to his recently released EP Exercises by presenting a lighter side of our relationship with our surroundings."

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear the cosmically buzzing "Camera."

Clear vinyl copies are available to pre-order right here.

CFCF will perform live at the Montreal International Jazz Festival on June 30 at Metropolis.

Music for Objects:

1. Glass
2. Bowl
3. Turnstile
4. Camera
5. Keys
6. Perfume
7. Lamp
8. Ring