CFCF Slorida mix

CFCF <i>Slorida</i> mix
Last fall, Montreal electronic whiz CFCF started championing a new offshoot of the chopped and screwed genre called night bus with his mixtape Do U Like Night Bus. As he explained in a press release, "night bus is a silly little term that originated on Hipinion that describes not a certain genre but a certain feeling of music... can't quite describe what it is but Eno, G-Side, David Sylvian, DJ Screw, Angelo Badalamenti, Lil B, and the Akira soundtrack, are all super night bus." To further the genre, CFCF has now dropped a new night bus mixtape via his brand new SoundCloud page.

 The 44-minute mix includes creepily slowed-down versions of classic tracks from Roxy Music, the Cars and Celine Dion, alongside a new CFCF jam called "Ice." The full tracklisting is below, along with a stream of the 44-minute track.

Thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear for the tip.


Roxy Music "True to Life"

The Cars "Drive"

Michael Been "World on Fire"

Shriekback "This Big Hush"

Sylvester "I Need Somebody to Love Tonight"

KLF "Build a Fire"

Julee Cruise "Into the Night"

Celine Dion "On Ne Change Pas"

CFCF "Ice"

Virginia Astley "Tree Top Club"

Slorida mix by CFCF