Cex Role Model

Originally released in 2000, Cex's debut album Role Model has been re-released with two extra tracks. Like a Squarepusher to Kid 606's Aphex Twin, Cex (aka 20 year old Rjyan Kidwell) makes brilliantly twisted music that is both beautiful and psychotic. With just a laptop and a sense of humour (a track here is dedicated to his funeral), Cex uses his playfulness to cut, paste and create a fresh product. Using snippets of hip-hop samples on "Love Cop," and doing a complete makeover on emo pals the Dismemberment Plan's "Academy Award," it sounds like he takes nothing seriously. However, what Role Model does accomplish is a certain emotional level that is hard to find in a lot of IDM. Songs like "Julia Walsh" and "An Axe For the Frozen Sea Within Her" contains some heartbreaking melodies that hides behind some fierce beats. An admitted bully target in high school, Kidwell has the chance to become a mega star in the electronic scene, which should be the greatest form of revenge on his old schoolmates. (Tigerbeat6)