Cex Being Ridden/Being Ridden Instrumentals

Keeping busy touring his one-man show and releasing his forth album in four years, former boy wonder now full on adult, Rjyan Kidwell, aka Cex, hasn’t lost his touch with Being Ridden. Elaborating more on the hip-hop element he tossed into last year’s Tall Dark and Handsome LP, Cex still practices his IDM when designing his backing tracks, as well as some folk music. His rhyming skills aren’t as polished as most MCs, but there’s an undistinguished charm to his delivery. The colourful lyrical content he lays down is something to marvel at just because of how silly it can get. Again, Craig Wedren of Shudder To Think adds his exquisite vocal abilities and Venetian Snares also contribute, adding a little bit of their porn style beats to "Stamina.” Being Ridden is a lot closer to the underground scene Cex longs to join, but there will always be shades of electronic brilliance, which he first showcased on his debut, Role Model. For those who do prefer his instrumental work, Temporary Residence have also made a lyrics-free copy of the album available. Putting another spin on the album, Cex has made it a worthwhile companion by selecting only the tracks that would work, while also adding three new ones as a bonus. An artist completely in his own realm, Cex continues to dazzle with a game so unpredictable, it becomes an enjoyable guessing game as to what he’ll do next. (Temporary Residence)