Ceremony Explore Rohnert Park on New Bridge 9 Full-Length

Ceremony Explore <i>Rohnert Park</i> on New Bridge 9 Full-Length
Along with their peers in Trash Talk, San Francisco's Ceremony have been taking long-standing hardcore forms to new places, combining elements of thrash, power violence and noise to bring about new levels of heaviness and creativity. The band last released their sophomore effort Still Nothing Moves You in 2008. This summer, they'll follow it up with a brand new full-length.

The album is called Rohnert Park, and will be their second release for hardcore powerhouse Bridge 9. Recorded with engineer Dan Rathbun (Tragedy, From Ashes Rise), the album further expands Ceremony's sound with slower passages. The title is inspired by a Californian suburb oh the same name, where some of the members grew up.

Rohnert Park will be released on June 8. The album is currently available for pre-order via Bridge 9. It can be purchased on standard CD or coloured vinyl, but it is also available in deluxe packs that include a poster and a 122-page book written by Ceremony front-man Ross Farrar.

 While Ceremony pride themselves on not having a Twitter, MySpace or Facebook page, you can hear the album track "Sick" on the Bridge 9 MySpace or stream "Terminal Addiction" below.

Rohnert Park:

1. "Into The Wayside Part I / Sick"

2. "M.C.D.F."

3. "Moving Principle"

4. "The Doldrums (Friendly City)"

5. "Open Head"

6. "Into The Wayside Part II"

7. "Terminal Addiction"

8. "Don't Touch Me"

9. "Back in '84"

10. "All The Time"

11. "The Pathos"

12. "Nigh To Life"

13. "Into The Wayside Part III"