Ceremony Covers

A collection of leftovers from the Rohnert Park sessions, Covers continues Ceremony's trip down memory lane, collecting interpretations of songs no younger than the 21-year-old L7 version of Eddie and the Subtitles' "American Society." But don't let the term leftovers fool you into thinking this EP is a throwaway ― these songs may not be originals, but each comes with a bit of the band's flavour, from the added aggression of their Pixies and Crisis covers to the ramped-up ending of Wire's "Pink Flag." Their choice in songs makes for an interesting listen. Instead of opting for the obvious, they've mixed the obscure with the off-centre, tossing some post-punk into the mix with old hardcore classics from Urban Waste and Vile. The Urban Waste cover ("Public Opinion") is the best thing on here, remaining faithful to the original, but replacing the treble-heavy production with actual low end. (Bridge Nine)