Cephalic Carnage Conforming to Abnormality

Cephalic CarnageConforming to Abnormality
Colorado hydro-grinders Cephalic Carnage have made quite the career out of crafting weird-ass grindcore releases littered with stoner rock, technical tomfoolery and a wacko sense of humour. And here’s a re-release of full-length number one, which shows they came out of the starting gate as nutters, albeit with a less refined edge than what they currently display. Songs like "Analytical” and "Waiting for the Millennium” have a ton of time changes, bizarre production effects and stellar musicianship. New artwork and a bunch of bonus tracks (which get a bit tiring due to their joke nature — some things are best left as they were) round this out. This is a great example of progressive and technically proficient grindcore that’s not as experimental as their later releases, which, depending on which side of this zany sub-genre you enjoy spending time in, makes it way more, or way less, listenable. (Relapse)