Centuries Outline Southern Lord Debut 'Taedium Vitae'

Centuries Outline Southern Lord Debut 'Taedium Vitae'
As previously reported, Florida's Centuries recently signed to mighty metal imprint Southern Lord before hitting the studio to record their debut LP. A few months on, the album, titled Taedium Vitae, is complete and is set to hit our ears August 6.

The band tracked the LP at Greensboro, NC studio Legitimate Business with Kris Hilbert, and according to a press release, the album is "a relentless barrage of abrasive, blackened, emotive hardcore." While sound samples have yet to arrive, the set supposedly homes in on d-beat rhythms and "tragic melodies."

Taedium Vitae follows split releases with Homestretch and Patsy O'Hara, as well as the group's Creation/Extinction 7-inch from 2011. You can stream all of those songs over on Centuries' Bandcamp page. 

Details have yet to be delivered, but the band recently posted on Facebook that a full U.S. tour is in the works.

Taedium Vitae:

1. Incipit Tragoedia
2. Caeruleus
3. Gelu
4. Metus
5. Pessum Ire
6. Tabeo
7. Grave Cordibus
8. Servisse
9. Irrita