Centinex World Declension

Sweden’s Centinex have built up such a solid and sturdy catalogue of releases, it’s shocking that they are still the underdogs of the melodic death metal scene. Maybe they have too much aggression for the folks who like melody and too much melody for the thrashers, leaving them somewhere in the middle. Either way, it’s a mystery, as this eighth album proves they have the chops to pull this stuff off just as well as any of the big names. Those buzz saw guitars sound wonderful, definitely a highlight that brings to mind Dismember, as does the general feel of speediness that only occasionally dips into blast beat territory. While every player is competent, no one is really over the top in ability, furthering the frustrating ambivalence surrounding this band. Because even if there are no incredibly flashy riffs or song structures on this album, it’s full of great melodic death metal that may fly in one ear and out the other, but does it with just as much intensity and passion as the genre’s best. Come on, eight albums? Give Centinex a chance. (Candlelight)