Celebrity Pilots Beneath the Pavement, A Beach!

Probably one of the only people who can truthfully state they’ve worked with GBV’s Bob Pollard and NASA (the space agency), Chris Sheehan has, luckily, taken a touch of Pollard’s songwriting ability, as his knack for upbeat songs keeps this album from sinking completely. The first indication that Sheehan is on to something is the rollicking, damned fun "Have You Had Success,” which gets the hips swaying with a jerky beat, the perfect amount of "wheeeeoooo” keyboards and great layered vocals. Hell, if Neko Case were singing this thing, it could almost be a New Pornographers tune. Unfortunately, not everything proceeds at this kind of fever pitch as other tunes bring forward some sparks, but tend to remind of other mainstream rock successes. By title alone, just skip "The Day of the Triffids” and instead perk your ears with the easygoing yet energetic "True Sun Symphony” or the deliciously bitter "Long Live the Sting,” where Sheehan oozes admirable venom while crooning the line, "Your eyes are nothing special.” The Celebrity Pilots, when firing on all cylinders, produce some pretty catchy pop rock treats, but sometimes the songs have an air of unrealised potential. Still, one to look for in the future. (Sunken Treasure)