'Celebrity Deathmatch' Is Returning to Television

'Celebrity Deathmatch' Is Returning to Television
Are you a fan of watching claymation celebrities beat the living shit out of each other? Well, your hyper-specific taste is being rewarded, as MTV2 has announced plans to revive the cult-classic show Celebrity Deathmatch.

According to the The Hollywood Reporter, the cable network has ordered a pilot of the program. Original creator Eric Fogel is on board with his Wasteland Entertainment company. The reboot will also feature Chris McCarthy and Paul Ricci as producers.

Celebrity Deathmatch initially aired from 1998 to 2002, dropping 75 episodes in total. It was relaunched again in 2006 for a single season before being cancelled again in 2007.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that the new version of the show will be "reimagined for the social media world," offering "hourly Twitter wars" in addition to its animated program.

Assuming it's picked up, we'll keep you posted as to where Celebrity Deathmatch will air in Canada. Until then, watch KFC's Colonel Sanders and Wendy's mogul Dave Thomas batter each other below.