Celebrity Autopsy Fast American Rock N' Roll

Listing to six-song EP Fast American Rock N’ Roll is like watching your child strike out at T-ball. It’s kind of cute and endearing but also sad, ’cause what they’re trying to do is so easy. You just want to grab the bat and show ’em how it’s done. However, like said child with bat, when we exude a little patience and let them learn, they eventually prevail. Such is the case with Celebrity Autopsy, a quartet clearly reared on SoCal punk but now inspired by the pelvic thrust of good old rock such as Motörhead, Supersuckers and Social Distortion. As is, tracks such as "Pull The Pin,” "45 Women” and "Get It All” do have some grinding blues rock riffs and scratchy vocals that are pure punk rock’n’roll, but the band’s inherent expediency and jumpy start/stops end up feeling a touch Sum 41-ish. With time and a few more illicit substances, these guys will make the new wave of AC/Greasy great but for now we just need to let them age. (I Hate Punk Rock)