Cedric Gervais / Various Yoshitoshi Space Miami Terrace

Cedric Gervais is riding a wave on Yoshitoshi Space Miami Terrace that’s lucid, hype and real. The two-CD set begins with sparkling sonic imagery. The CD progressively moves into a tech-y, minimal style showing a groundbreaking ability to meld different sound pictures into one, eventually taking the music to a place where light and darkness co-exist, pushing each other along with the melody ("Sand in my Shoes” by Brusca and Sam Perez). The mix to "Inbound” (by D-Formation & Prompt) is train wreck-y but intentionally so and the music comes out at the other end in a scarier place. The first disc closes with Brother Brown’s action motivating "Wake Up” and the energy-packed "DC Coast.” The second disc meanders down a hard, minimal road of classic house flair. "Let’s Take Drugs” samples the shit out of the voice of little man W. Bush in a mosaic of sampled words. These discs will take the listener down some desolate and incomprehensible pathways while simultaneously demonstrating that samples of the darkest sides of life can be somehow funky, danceable and most of all, real. (Yoshitoshi)