CDs Still Sell To Country Fans

CDs Still Sell To Country Fans
While cool kids are collecting our indie rock on coloured vinyl and digital downloads, it’s no surprise that many of our parents are still paying $17 so they can play the new Coldplay at a volume so low it’s nearly inaudible in the car.

A recent Variety article about country music in the digital age only corroborates this evidence, with artists noticing healthy sales. Country artists Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn (Brooks and Dunn, duh), had a few things to say about the format:

"Almost exactly a year ago, I was in some meetings where distributors were planning within five years, and not speculating, but planning to be out of the CD business," says Kix Brooks. "It felt like within five years we would be in a purely internet download world and a lot of major companies were shifting their networks to prepare for that download world and getting into the download business. And now, in the last couple of months, I've started to hear some back-pedalling on that.

"It may be CDs are a format that may last longer than first speculated. I'm not sure where that slowdown came from because it seemed like a year ago everybody was all prepared. It was full steam ahead, CDs were obsolete, and obviously the Sam Goodys and the ma-and-pa distributors of the world were going out of business right and left. But now for some reason you're hearing that Best Buy and Wal-Mart have said maybe there is some longevity to the CD format."

Brooks does not believe this ambivalence was restricted to country. "I think that was kind of across the board."

Dunn notes that auto manufacturers will have a huge say in the nature of the product, given that so many people listen to so much of their music in their cars. "If the automotive industry were to make a commitment to a certain apparatus — remember for a while during the transition between cassettes and CDs, we had both in our cars."

Those stubborn baby boomers and their CD players! I don’t think I wanted the new Brooks and Dunn on coloured vinyl anyway.