Caveman Caveman

Brooklyn, NY's Caveman comprise five well-seasoned veterans of NYC's indie music scene. Over the past decade, the members have played in differing musical projects that, one by one, ended before Caveman formed as a cohesive unit. In 2011, they tentatively released their debut album, CoCo Beware, as a sort of experiment in progressive indie folk, which showcased both a wide array of influences and their clearly experienced musicianship. There was a certain carefree looseness about CoCo Beware, born of the fact that the group's ultimate aspirations were still uncertain at the time of its release. After the album caught the attention of Fat Possum, Caveman suddenly became a more serious and settled long-term project. Consequently, the sense of seriousness that comes with signing to label is apparent on Caveman's self-titled sophomore release. Across its 11 sweeping indie folk tracks, Caveman effectively demonstrates the group's weathered professionalism and stalwart attention to detail. Songs like "Over My Head" and "Never Want To Know" are layered with slow-burning synths and resonant guitar riffs, appropriately complemented by singer Matthew Iwanusa's echoed vocals. Ultimately, Caveman is a peaceful and understated album with a sound that Iwanusa has described as "a spaceship flying over the woods at night, all the lights bouncing off the trees." Caveman have followed-up CoCo Beware with a solid effort that retains some of the looseness of their debut. However, with the added label pressure, that looseness sometimes feels forced. (Fat Possum)