Cave In Talk Their Return with 'White Silence'

Cave In Talk Their Return with 'White Silence'
When word dropped that Boston space-rocking metalcore heroes Cave In were releasing a new full-length album a full five years after their last, the group's already fanatic fans started frothing at the mouth even more than usual. And now, as the band await the May 24 release date for White Silence, Cave In are excited, but they're also a very different band than they were when they dropped genre classics like Jupiter and Until Your Heart Stops.

"When you're younger, it's certainly easy to take your band for granted," guitarist Adam McGrath tells Exclaim! "You think that your life of writing, recording and touring will last for an eternity. With age comes the wisdom that nothing lasts forever and that things in your life will change constantly. Now, when we do Cave In, we try to make the most of it and value the little time we do have together."

The album takes all the sounds that Cave In have played in the past and meshes them together in a seamless manner. McGrath says that the maturity apparent on White Silence is a result of the hiatus the band took after their last full-length, Perfect Pitch Black.

"There were years of personal and musical growth between Perfect Pitch Black and White Silence. We all took on new musical projects and personas while Cave In was on hiatus. JR [Conners, drums] and Caleb [Scofield, vocals/bass] became fathers. When we reconnected as Cave In, I think we were all much more comfortable in our own skins. Maybe the music reflects this."

On a related note, fans of Old Man Gloom -- the sludge/doom band featuring members of Cave In, Isis, Converge, etc. -- also may have something to look forward to, as McGrath hints to Exclaim! that "there is a rumour of Old Man Gloom writing a new record." Unfortunately, that's all he's saying at the moment.

Cave In's White Silence is due May 24 via Hydra Head. Check out the excellent album track "Sing My Loves" below.