Cavalera Conspiracy "Not Losing the Edge" (lyric video)

Cavalera Conspiracy 'Not Losing the Edge' (lyric video)
Whether it be his early career with Sepultura or current work with Killer Be Killed, Max Cavalera's 30-plus years in the music biz have yet to find him going soft on us. His Cavalera Conspiracy are helping drive the point even further in the new lyric video for their Pandemonium LP's "Not Losing the Edge."

As you'll see down below, the animated lyric vid brings the record's artwork to life, with a bony tank/skeleton hybrid traversing the screen alongside smoke-puffing factories and ill birds. Above all this is the unilateral crunch of "Not Losing the Edge," which finds Cavalera growling out a series of paranoid lines about losing his mind, walking on the razor's edge, and more.

Amped up and aggressive, you'll find the impactful assault down below.