Cauterize So Far From Real

After getting picked up by American mega-indie Wind-up, Toronto-area pop punk outfit T.O.E. changed their name to Cauterize, and recorded their strongest work to date. Sounding more like a rock band with punk influences than a punk band with rock influences, So Far From Real features song after song of stellar production and excellent musicianship. With complex bass lines and well-executed guitar leads featuring prominently on much of the record, it is clear that Cauterize are working hard to shed the image of a simple pop punk band that many have cast on them. Starting off with the blistering opener "Something Beautiful,” the band pull off some excellent slower numbers, such as the gorgeous "Still Breathing,” an emotionally heavy and comparatively sonically restrained song about the strength of love in a person’s life. On an album filled to the brim with potential singles and bitter teenage anthems, Cauterize have proven themselves capable of writing music that is both interesting musically, and engaging emotionally. (Wind-up)