Causey Way Causey vs. Everything

For those of us who have been lamenting the absence of really, really good, retro, Stiff Records-inspired late '70s new wave, the Causey Way is the answer to our prayers. This five-to-eight-piece collective of dimpled chad-loving Floridians take their pre-occupation with the themes, sounds and aesthetics of Devo, Gang of Four, Pere Ubu and the B-52s and fuses them with the Euro-pop influences of Klaus Nomi, Nina Hagen and Lene Lovich in an orgy of squelching Moog-riddled garage rock. Tracks like "Jesus Loves You" and "Suckers" sound kind of like the Cramps meets Kraftwerk. While more up-tempo rockers like "Geo Logical Lust," "Little Action" and "Money" recall the Dismemberment Plan, without the overt art-rock tendencies. In addition to the music, the band has created a mock-cult myth around characters named Causey and Button, complete with costumes and mission statement. But with or without the gimmick, the Causey Way is still a band that deserves your attention and respect; the Causey commands it. Succumb to the way. (Alternative Tentacles)