Caural Stars on My Ceiling

Just like Prefuse 73 manages to pull off with jaw-dropping success, Caural has the gift of taking dozens of breaks and electronic bleeps and has the skill to slot them in the correct spots to craft beautiful music. Though not quite the musical genius Prefuse 73 is, Caural still has his foot in the door with a strong full-length under his belt. Caural's Paint EP was a pleasing little sampler of four cuts he had pieced together but who was to know it would lead to the advanced sounds he's produced on Stars on My Ceiling - an audio orgasm at times. Maybe best described as melodic and abstract hip-hop, Caural never seems to stay in one spot for too long and flips the script between tracks from dusty piano grooves, to deep jazz, and back to neck-snapping beats. "All These Todays Just Melt Into Tomorrows," starts things off correct with a good dose of thumping beats later wrapped around a wall of tribal sounds. Then later the kid proves he can create the same amount of stereo pleasure by stripping things way down such as he does with "Lilac" leaving the occasional sudden gap and faint beats lingering or like "Untitled" with very minimal brush drums and soft, delicate guitar. Regardless what direction Caural chooses to hit you from he tends to succeed in painting a unique melodic gem. (Chocolate Industries)