Catheters Static Delusions and Stone-Still Days

Another great rock and roll band has reared its head from the fine breeding ground of Seattle, WA. Their sound, however, seems to find its roots more in the ’80s of Washington, DC. Wild, completely unhinged and spastic pummeling greets the listener on the Catheters’ sophomore album. Add to this high-strung mayhem and an ability to groove like nobody’s business and you’ve got a maniacal winner on your hands. The Catheters will probably get lumped in with the oncoming deluge of Stripes and Strokes also-rans, but the Catheters are far more intense. Producer John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, Sleater-Kinney) has done a brilliant job of capturing this exciting train wreck on tape. The album artwork should also win an award of some kind for its completely fucked-up concept. Put it this way — they had to print a warning on the cover so that people wouldn’t try to return it, assuming they were at the receiving end of a manufacturing defect. (Sub Pop)