Catastrophic Pathology of Murder

When John Tardy couldn’t finish a tour with Obituary in the late ’90s, Pyrexia vocalist Keith DeVito stepped in for a few dates. Rubbing elbows with guitarist Trevor Peres led to an inevitable collaboration as Catastrophic, and they released their debut, The Cleansing, in 2001. Seven years later (not counting 2005’s Born into Bondage EP on an obscure German label), DeVito and company, without Peres who’s busy with a rejuvenated Obituary, hobble back on the scene with Pathology of Murder. The self-styled deathcore rants "Generation Decimation,” "History Is Fiction,” "Healthy Dose of Hate” and "Problem, Reaction, Solution” lean toward New York hardcore, thanks to DeVito’s vocal proclivity a for Sick of It All-styled delivery. Internal Bleeding guitarist Brian Hobbie has better results when he invites more death influences in the title track, "Apathy’s Warm Embrace,” the Slayer-esque "My Crucible” and the eponymous "Catastrophic.” The slowed-down "Splendors Calling” is the only pause in the album’s breakneck pace, but Obit fans expecting another Peres performance won’t give Pathology a second spin. (Napalm)