Catastrophic The Cleansing

Hold on a second, Obituary broke up? Why didn't anyone tell me about this? Oh well, life goes on and so does the death metal genre, for better or for worse. Catastrophic is basically the band Pyrexia, with old "Eyeballs" himself, Trevor Peres, who was the driving force behind Obituary's killer guitar crunch for all those years. So, to answer your question, yes, it does sort of sound like Obituary, although not as much as you'd expect, and it's not as good without Tardy behind the mic. The comparison shouldn't even be thought about too much, though, because while Obituary was death metal, straight up, Catastrophic is death metal with a hardcore touch. Unfortunately, so are a lot of other bands out there right now and while Peres can play a mean axe, this stuff is pretty limiting. Points given for integrity, though - it's well done, but it's overdone. Hilarious computer "art" done by Peres himself graces the cover of this one; at least the logo is readable. (Metal Blade)