The Cast Pattern The Cast Pattern

The Cast Pattern’s self-titled album brings back memories of Converge, pre-Jane Doe, and sounds like Agoraphobic Nosebleed, thanks to producer Scott Hull. An introduction of chaotic noise is what best describes "Set Like, Three Things On Fire” and this isn’t limited to the instrumental section, as abrasive vocals join the fray. It would be too easy to say this is metal and wrong to call it hardcore because of all the technical instrumentation and rhythm changes, so let’s settle with abrasive tech-core. "She’s Not Pregnant She’s Just Fat” exemplifies the off-tempo style with their stuttering guitars and drumming, but remains intensely metal with trolling chugs and high-end squeals. Regardless of what it sounds like and where it falls in the realm of heavy music, this is an album that won’t get as tiresome as trying to label the music. (Midgets With Machetes)