Cassidy Cash

On his fourth studio release, Cash, Cassidy finds himself backed into a corner. In spite of the fact that he's one of the most talented hip-hop lyricists of his generation, Cass is better known for jail time, unrepresentative singles and disappointing album sales than skills on the mic. Now, he's trying to restart his career as the latest signee to not-quite-indie, not-quite-major eOne. Unfortunately for Cass, Cash is a good album, but isn't the homerun he needs to get his career out of the ditch. As talented as Cassidy is, Cash is still plagued by too many of the common problems facing battle rappers trying to cross over: there's too much rapping about rap ("Face to Face"); too many awkward attempts at a "for the ladies" joint ("Girl Like Her," "She Addicted"); and too many shitty choruses ("Paper Up"). As good a rapper as Cassidy may be, Cash is an indicator that he may be joining Canibus in the land of "could have been a contender." (eOne)