Cass McCombs Returns With New Album

Cass McCombs Returns With New Album
Cass McCombs got a bit of a raw deal with his last record, Dropping the Writ. A lot of critics came out swinging with claims he'd lost his edge, poopooing on the more orthodox folk direction and the loss of that Smiths/New Order vibe that he sometimes had. Regardless of what other people wrote, we thought Writ was pretty rad. Hell, we even called it his "most rewarding record," a comment we continue to stand by. Well, no matter how poorly received it was, McCombs has a new full-length coming out, and it should be here by summertime.

Dubbed Catacombs, the Baltimore troubadour will again release this one through Domino, who have given the record a June 1 release date in the UK, and hopefully one in North America soon after that. The label has so far revealed very little about the new McCombs album, just that date, a tracklisting (see below) and word that the first yet-unnamed single will come May 25. And while McCombs himself hasn't said much either, he has filled his website with some pretty awesome found photos. Seriously, just look at these douchebags.


1. "Dreams Come True Girl"
2. "Prima Donna"
3. "You Saved My Life"
4. "Don't Vote"
5. "Executioner's Song"
6. "Harmonia"
7. "My Sister, My Spouse"
8. "Lionkiller Got Married"
9. "Eaves Dropping on the Conversation"
10. "Jonsey Boy"
11. "One Way to Go"