Caspian Live At Old South Church

CaspianLive At Old South Church
Boston, MA-based Caspian fall into that strange category of indie bands that appeal to a great deal of metalheads. The instrumental post-rockers incorporate just enough shoegaze and heaviness into their sound to attract the headbangers. Live At Old South Church is their first official live album; the set was recorded at a benefit concert hosted by Boston's Old South Church. Caspian construct delicate, looping song structures defined by plaintive, swelling guitars and surging feedback. The impact and strength of their songs are built through repetition and accretion, the tones gradually building upon each other and twining together. The sound quality is lovely, capturing the timbre and tenderness of Caspian's sound. For all of its yearning layers, like emotional sedimentary rock, the feeling of the album is one of profound gentleness. In a live setting, this is incredibly powerful, but the finer, subtler points of Caspian don't always translate or fully engage the listener as much as they could. Still, this is a strong, moving album, with a noble purpose: proceeds from sales will be donated to provide whole-person care for victims of sexual trafficking. Live At Old South Church will be released on vinyl, limited to 1,000 copies, and a digital version will be made available at the same time. (Mylene Sheath)