Caspa and Rusko / Various Fabric Live 37

Bringing the omnipresent rumble and thunder of dub step to South London and the Fabric Live series, Caspa and Rusko shake up the dance floor with genre classics, dub plates and white labels. Fabric 37 pounds with a serious jump-up mandate and Matty G’s "50,000 Watts” and Coki’s "Sponge Bob” of course make the cut, as well as a solid selection of Caspa and Rusko’s own Dub Police and Sub Solider tracks. The mix is bound to have dub step fans raising their lighters while welcoming newcomers into the best of the underground’s new "it” child. The woofing bass is expectedly relentless but Caspa and Rusko aren’t afraid to switch it up a bit. Bending their bass lines and tempos into garage and drum & bass, and throwing in the occasional melodic element amongst the bad boy samples, the tempos do rise above 103 bpm on occasion, bringing a refreshing dynamism to dub step’s normally head nodding monotony. (Fabric)