Case Private Conversation

Bursting on to the scene riding Schoolly D’s “P.S.K.” beat for his “Touch Me Tease Me” hit a few years back, Case seemed to disappear just as quickly as he appeared despite the release of an album. For his second, it would have been easy to recruit his high-flying label mates Method Man, Redman et. al. and piggy-back on their visibility. Instead, Case has made a calculated move toward a more subdued R&B sound. Unfortunately his previously released “Faded Pictures” duet with Joe is the highlight. Other good moments include “If” and “Where Did Our Love Go?” where Case unconventionally raises the tempo and ironically sings over a track made popular by his (alleged) past girlfriend Mary J. Blige. But apart from fodder for gossip, there’s not really much to talk apart here. The album is weighed down with passable, homogenised arrangements and Case’s tendency vocally to sound like too many others. After a long absence from the scene, Private Conversation is not going to help Case stand out from the crowd. (Def Jam)