Cars & Trains The Roots, the Leaves

Cars & TrainsThe Roots, the Leaves
Portland, OR-based instrumentalist Tom Filepp achieves the organic aspect of the title in many ways on his sophomore release. Through sleepy lyrics, layered vocal and a smooth, rootsy rock, the ten songs are quietly nudged into a relaxed weekend. Everything feels almost in slow motion, and yet, by the end, you'll wonder where the time's gone. Besides the common instruments, Filepp uses a banjo, woodwind, glockenspiel and more, but the organic element is slightly deterred by a drum machine and toy pianos. This leaves room for Cars & Trains to move on, while motioning towards a lost, forgotten youth. Some songs are pure instrumental, some could be shorter and others, such as "I Know Someone Who Can't Recognize," "The Sun Always Sets" and "Dead Telephone," are representative of Filepp's best work. (Fake Four Inc.)