The Carps Waves and Shambles

The CarpsWaves and Shambles
You can’t blame these kids for getting gung ho upon discovering that mixing electronica-fused synthesisers with monster garage rock riffs makes for one hell of a party. On this six-song EP, the party just gets better and better. "Gretta Edris” sees them taking cues from Michael Jackson. The two Scarborough, ON nerds that comprise the Carps change hats just as fast as the slick drum machine in "Veronica Belmont” makes you leap onto the dance floor (and that’s really fast, by the way). "Heavens Gates & Hells Flames (Redux)” features the Cool Kids laying down rhymes atop the Carps’ home cooked hip-hop electronic beats. Before you know it, the chugging bass is leading you through a Justin Timberlake-sounding pop dance-off on "Porgie & Bess (Big Bootie Girls).” The song gives up halfway through to jam through a spacey synth, Crystal Castles-styled mash-up. The last cut sounds like they were too hung over to write another song and settled for an epic micron scramble. This doesn’t take away from the whole EP as much as it just gives you a second to catch your breath before pressing play again. (Urbnet)