Carpark Signs EAR PWR

Carpark Signs EAR PWR
Carpark Records, home of venerable Wham City dance participants like Dan Deacon and Adventure, has recently signed yet another experimental duo from, you guessed it, B-more. Known as EAR PWR, the man-and-woman power team have just moved to Baltimore from their North Carolina home, where they will surely fit in, with their frenetic energy and semi-ironic subject matter.

The duo will be releasing their Carpark debut, Super Animal Brothers III, on May 19. In a press release, the record is described as blending together "bits of Italo Disco, Baltimore Club, and twee indie pop to create a nuclear party grenade that is sure to blow your mind." There are sure to be some fantastic synth sounds too, as key-man Devin Booze holds a certificate from a Bob Moog-founded music technology program.

Surrounding the album's release, EAR PWR will be doing some North American touring, including stops at
SXSW and a Canadian date in Toronto on May 29. More PWR to the people!

Super Animal Brothers III tracklisting:

1. "Tripodium"
2. "Beam Of Light"

 3. "Super Animal Bros. III"

 4. "Future Eyes"

 5. "Sparkley Sweater"

 6. "Cats Is People Too"

 7. "You Are The Bom"

 8. "Boys II Volcanoes"

 9. "Jams O Jamz"

 10. "Diamonds Liquor Leather"

 11. "Goofy Award"

 12. "Discover Your Colors"

 13. "Ghostride The Buffalo"

 14. "Mexican Newspaper"

 15. "Epic Suitcase"

 16. "Secret Stars"

EAR PWR tour dates:

3/12 Baltimore, MD - TBA
3/13 Asheville, NC - Bobos
3/18 Austin, TX - SXSW
3/19 Austin, TX - SXSW
3/20 Austin, TX - SXSW
3/21 Little Rock, AR - Rad Hizzy
3/28 Durham, NC - Duke Coffee House
5/13 Chapel Hill, NC - The Nightlight
5/17 Baltimore, MD -The Zodiac
5/29 Toronto, ON - Primary Colors