Carnifex Die Without Hope

CarnifexDie Without Hope
In late 2012, Carnifex entered what they called "a state of suspended animation," which is really just a glorified way of saying "hiatus." A year and a half later, they've returned with their follow-up to 2011's underwhelming Until I Feel Nothing. Titled Die Without Hope, it might as well be a homage to the genre on which Carnifex built their career: deathcore.

Some of the genres key players abandoned it: Bring Me the Horizon and Chelsea Grin pumped their music full of melodic overtones; Suicide Silence headed down the nu-road; Despised Icon simply broke up. Carnifex, on the other hand, took their hiatus as a time to put together their best record yet. Undoubtedly deathcore, Die Without Hope builds upon the genre with subtle symphonics ("Dark Days," Condemned to Decay"), Swedish death influences ("Where the Light Dies"), and impressively well-written, shredded solos, without forgetting the bedrock upon which it's built: brutality.

With impressive growth, and while still operating within the genre's tight confines, Carnifex put the final nail in deathcore's coffin, giving it an appropriate sendoff. (Nuclear Blast)