Carnifex Until I Feel Nothing

CarnifexUntil I Feel Nothing
Perhaps feeling the pinch as the newest wave of heavy music focuses on technicality, Carnifex have picked up their boards, and their kick pedals, in an attempt to catch the latest set. Whereas the band's earlier works capitalised on deathcore's initial rise – moderate tempos and short runs followed by breakdown after breakdown – Until I Feel Nothing utilizes blackened riffs at a furious pace, with no fretboard spared, as Ryan Gudmunds and Cory Arford run along scales and tremolo pick like madmen. One element you'll definitely notice is Shawn Cameron's double bass — not only is the album filled with fills following the road laid down by the stringed instruments, but producer and fellow San Diegan Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying) chose to have it cut through at the mix stage. And, of course, there are just enough bass drops to make the average New Yorker think there's an earthquake and a few obligatory breakdowns to keep the kids satisfied. This is a decent attempt at growth, but only enough to see Carnifex rejoin the peloton. (Victory)