Carnations In Good Time

Ignore the fact that the opening track of the Carnations’ In Good Time sounds an awful lot like Chicago, it’s what follows that counts. Finally releasing their debut full-length album (following numerous EPs and splits) for Ductape Records after seven years of hard times, this Toronto quartet embraces the kind of good time pop rock that has brought Hot Hot Heat international success. Though their aim is more of a straight-ahead power pop sound than HHH, they do evoke the spirit of retro artists like the Cars and the Raspberries to help play the role of the rapturous songbird. In Good Time offers some of the best Canadian guitar pop in recent memory. Filling in the void left by bands such as the Hardship Post and Thrush Hermit, the Carnations shine with tight, hook-filled tracks like "I’ve Got Spies” and "East Detroit,” which reveal just how energetic their performances can get. Hopefully this record will provide a little more stability for the band compared to their manic past. (Ductape)